Sound is everything

With a team of composers and songwriters at our disposal, we’re always looking to breathe a new kind of life into each and every escape room. While some owners opt to borrow or license generic instrumental songs or ambient tracks, we believe the music should feel unique, on brand, and consistent with the rest of the room. In the case of our Puckleberry Candy Factory soundtrack, if our guests weren’t humming the theme song on the way out of the room, we feel we didn’t do our job right.

Depending on the style of the room, we’ve produced everything from ambient soundscapes to fully orchestrated scores and even some vocal tracks. Our room “Solitaire,” required a small transistor radio to be playing old-time classics, so we went ahead and recorded 45-minutes worth of folksy backwoods music, adding an ethereal, creepy vibe to the entire experience. As an added bonus, we often arrange the tracks in a soundtrack album, which can be published to Spotify or iTunes, giving players the opportunity to listen and relive their escape adventure. It’s these little touches that can propel not just a room, but an entire company — not to mention that extra bit of passive income.

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