More than just a room

There’s a reason we consider our games Premium Experiences. Because they’re more than just rooms. They’re compelling, cinematic orchestrations that begin with hours upon hours of research, plot development, and world-building. We’re so passionate about each individual escape experience that we create pages of backstories, characters, and story elements that form a truly immersive adventure like no other.

From the magical and historical resonance of Puckleberry Candy Factory, to the mind-bending mystery of Solitaire, every one of our rooms is a completely new monster that we’ve built from scratch. Our goal has always been delivering Hollywood-level experiences, without the stress and financial burden of franchise licensing or copyright infringement. Like a film, we believe the most successful escape experience begins with story and world development.

Give us a shout!

In addition to our range of original rooms, we also work with clients to build custom rooms.  For inquiries and consultation, email us at, or use the form below.