Redefining the escape room experience.

Escape Room Elements is the premiere agency for escape room development, construction, and marketing.  From original game designs to consultation, video production, and advertising services, we are a one-stop shop for all of your needs.

With the industry expanding day by day, the time for generic puzzle games is over.  Players and escape fanatics across the globe are thirsty for the most innovative, ground-breaking, and memorable experiences they can find.  We’re looking to fill that need with each and every room we design.

With an emphasis on story and world-building, combined with our award-winning team of writers, artists, carpenters, electricians, and producers, we’re able to offer some of best and most unique entertainment experiences in the industry.

Why Buy Our Rooms?

Not only do we pride ourselves in having the most immersive and satisfying story experiences on the market, our rooms are also tested repeatedly, even while we develop them!  We constantly rely on what we refer to as Screen Tests to make sure our ideas are working.  Because why waste time and money constructing an entire room if it’s not guaranteed to be a success? For more information on our screen testing process, click here.

Escape Room Elements was founded by Robert Bartolome, who also serves as Executive Producer of Rab Media, a full-service production company and directors roster with a impressive selection of international clients.